Mariah Carey Already Dropped Her New Christmas Single And Fans Are Hyped

It might be the middle of October but Mariah Carey stays promoting Christmas. Really. She has some of the most recognizable Christmas-themed singles, including her standout version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Now the pop diva has gifted the world and her “Lambily” a new Christmas single, “The Star,” from the forthcoming movie of the same name. The lyrics are what you might expect for a children’s song, but grown-up fans are falling over themselves to buy the single.

Mariah Carey assembled her “Lambily” and announced her new Christmas single with a surprise tweet.

That was it. Ten words, one hashtag, two Christmas emojis, and a link. That’s all Carey’s loyal fans needed to know to buy her new song.

Of course, hardcore Mariah fans are loving the track.

Is it a tad early? Yes. Does that matter to the Lambily? Definitely not.

For Mariah fans, the release of “The Star” has already put them in the mood for Christmas.

Only Mariah “Queen of Christmas” Carey can overshadow Halloween in October.

The hyperbole was very real.

Who knew that just one song could have so much power over one of the biggest holidays ever? Carey, that’s who.

But not everyone is excited for the song.

And everyone is entitled to their own opinions. No harm, no foul.

But, overall, the fans are here for Carey’s new holiday anthem.

The song has already made it into the iTunes charts for Thailand, Singapore, Spain, and Saudi Arabia.

You can listen to Carey’s new single on Spotify below.

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