Mariah Carey Was That Prima Everyone Compliments At The Family Reunion Just For Showing Up And It’s Hilarious

Mariah Carey literally walked into the room, sat behind a piano, and was showered with compliments.

Beat Shazam” is a new competition show where contestants, in teams of two, compete against each other to guess the song. Whichever team beats the rest then goes head-to-head with Shazam to see if the popular app can guess the song before the contestants. Basically, it is a modern-day “Name That Tune” which had contestants guess a song after listening to just a couple notes from the song.

One of the songs on the latest episode of “Beat Shazam” was the Mariah Carey classic “Always Be My Baby.” As a surprise for the contestants, the show’s host, Jaime Foxx, introduced the one and only Mariah Carey to the stage and the whole arena devolved into a fangirling mess with even audience members breaking down with excitement. Yet, all Carey did was hug the contestants (which is very sweet) then she sat at a piano and everyone showered the pop diva with compliment after compliment.

The second Mimi walked in, contestants lost ?? their ?? minds. ??

Beat Shazam / YouTube

Tbh, who wouldn’t have this reaction to Mariah Carey walking into a room.

Of course, since it is Mariah Carey, the piano was surrounded with candles.

Beat Shazam / YouTube

Foxx told the audience that he asked Carey to come to the show, even just to wave her hand because her music has defined an era. He gave the two male contestants a special shout-out with his praise of Carey.

She was basically that prima who always gets complimented by the family during any gathering.

Beat Shazam / YouTube

Emcee, October Gonzalez, couldn’t help mention just how big of a fan she is of Carey’s music. When they announced the winners of that round, Manny and Lee, you can hear Foxx telling Carey, “They love you. They love you.” With that, Carey stood up, thanked the crowd, hugged Foxx and left the stage. I ?? Con ?? Ic. ??

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