Marc Anthony Strangely Introduces Ex-Wife J.Lo To New Love Interest In Music Video For “Ni Tu Ni Yo”

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO/Youtube

“Nada de lo que hagamos ahora es inmoral porque Cupido ya flechó.” ?

After performing the song for the 4th of July Macy’s Fireworks celebration, Jennifer Lopez released “Ni Tú Ni Yo” on Independence Day. The song features Cuban duo Gente De Zona in a salsa-reggaeton mashup. This week, she released the full music video for the song, which has already gone viral, and features the flowing yellow dress she made famous in the cover art for the song. The song has “summer hit” written all over it, hitting #3 on the iTunes Latin chart soon after release.

There are a few curious moments in the video, however. Besides the very obvious product placement — at one point even the Sprint guy (you know, the previous Verizon guy) flashes a grin at J.Lo — it’s Marc Anthony’s role in the video that raises eyebrows. Although Anthony serves as an executive producer on J.Lo’s upcoming Spanish language project, he’s mainly in the video to introduce J.Lo to her love interest in the video. I know, weird. Check out the video above and see if J.Lo being introduced to her new boo, by her ex-boo, doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies. But then again, maybe it’s just art imitating life.

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