Manny MUA Recreated One Of His Fan’s Eye Looks And The Praise He Gave Her Will Make Your Heart Sing

He seems genuinely shook by how talented his fans are.

Manuel “Manny MUA” Gutierrez has millions of fans on YouTube. That kind of reach has led to the inspiration of new, up and coming makeup artists and Gutierrez decided to interact with his fans. He asked fans to send looks for him to recreate because inspiration is always a good thing. Thousands of looks were sent to him and he had to go through them all and decided on a look by makeupbykeirab on Instagram.

“This eye look. It was so beautiful that it took my breath away with how stunning it was,” Gutierrez says about the makeup. “I thought, wow. Wow. This b*tch, she’s talented.”

He added: “So, let’s go ahead and try this look. I don’t think I’m going to be able to execute it as bomb as she does. I just don’t. I just think that this b*tch is just talented. Like, Keira, you’re good girl. You’re sickening and I live for you.”

Once Gutierrez began applying the eye shadow, he realized that it is all about the blending. It’s a blended makeup look that goes through several different colors to give the final, sickening look.

At the end, Gutierrez tells the fans not to judge the result because he is rushing to finish the look because his date was on the way. While he wasn’t totally in love with the final result, fans loved it. Fans filled the comment section of the video with praise, critiques, and suggestions for future fan-inspired looks. Gutierrez himself is interested in turning this into a series.

Clearly seems like something people want to see more of.

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