This Little Boy Spent The Whole Time Trying To Play The Field In Maluma’s “Corazon” Video And It Backfired

Maluma isn’t the only heartbreaker in this music video.

The reggaeton superstar teamed up with Brazilian singer Nego do Borel on “Corazón” and the video will make your heart melt. “Corazón” is off Maluma’s upcoming album F.A.M.E., which will be released in 2018. Do Borel is not the only Brazilian influence in the song. Maluma drops some Portuguese and the video was shot in Brazil while Maluma was touring in the country.

While he makes everyone sweat during the video, one little boy was really playing the field. You see him running from place to place handing out a heart necklace to several girls on his journey for love, but it doesn’t quite work out for him.

The little boy in “Corazón” seemed to be desperately seeking love.

MalumaVEVO / YouTube

When he isn’t dancing with Maluma and do Borel, he is slinging heart necklaces to all the girls he runs into.

He really thought that he was going to get away with passing out all of these necklaces.

MalumaVEVO / YouTube

He’s like that dude in the bar who ends up buying 24 different women drinks in the hopes that one will be into him.

By the end of the music video, dude realizes that he messed up and all the girls he tried to play show up, necklaces in hand.

MalumaVEVO / YouTube

Dayum. They do not play. But, tbh, it is what he deserves since he was trying to be a little playere. Now he is left just picking up the pieces after breaking his own heart.

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