Maluma And Marc Anthony’s New Salsa Version Of ‘Felices Los 4’ Is Making People On The Internet Want To Shake Their Hips

Maluma and Marc Anthony’s salsa version of ‘Felices Los 4’ is out and fans cannot control themselves. ??

Even though the name of Maluma and Marc Anthony’s song is titled ‘Felices Los 4,’ there are only three people you see in the original music video. But the salsa version music video finally reveals who the fourth person is – so the love triangle turns into a love square. In other words, there are two couples who are cheating each other… With each other’s partners. But despite this complicated love square, fans are more hyped about having a new salsa music video.

Even though the original song already had fans in their feels…


Now that the salsa version has been released, their emotions about the song have only escalated…


Yasssss get it!

Some people just can’t handle how fire this track is.?

Someone give her some water!

Even though salsa dancing does not fall under everyone’s skillset, people are still digging this new version of the song.


Now I want to go out dancing.

So now that we have the salsa version of ‘Felices Los 4,’ some people on the internet are wondering, what’s next?

Rock version? EDM version? Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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