‘Black Panther’ Is Quickly Becoming A Box oFfice Hit But This Is What Makes Lupita Nyong’o Proud Of The Movie

“It’s amazing what this film has been able to do.”

“Black Panther” is on track to becoming a certifiable hit. The movie was released on Feb. 16 and nine days later it is expected to earn more than $500 million in box office sales. This total has put it above “Spider Man” and it is coming for “Wonder Woman.” Lupita Nyong’o, one of the main actors in the film, is proud of what the film has been able to achieve for black people around the world. Nyong’o sat down with Trevor Noah to talk about the enormously positive impact “Black Panther” and the ideal of Wakanda have had on people of color.

“We could not have predicted this, you know? Not only is the box office quite handsome but the effect it’s having on the world,” Nyong’o told Noah. “For the first time, I have seen people paying for other people to go see the movie and things like that. It’s become this community effort and that is incredible. From the very start when Ryan [Coogler] walked me through the story I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness. This is something that I want to see. This is a dream come true.’ We get to have a superhero that’s African and he’s fly, he’s badass, he’s intelligent, he’s got women all around him that are also badass.”

Nyong’o is also very proud of the effect the movie and the hairstyling has had on black girls and women. Nowhere in the film do you see women with their hair straightened. Every woman is wearing her hair naturally and Nyong’o told Noah that the simple gesture of having natural hair elevates it. It paints a better picture of what it is to be black and free from European standards of beauty.

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