‘Luis Miguel La Serie’ Is Out And People On Social Media Cannot Get Enough Of The Show

On Sunday, Mexican actor Diego Boneta showed off a year’s worth of preparation (and growing out a totally rad ’80s mullet) for his role as Luis Miguel in the new series, “Luis Miguel La Serie,” broadcasted by Telemundo and streamed by Netflix in Latin America.

Luis Miguel fans could not contain their excitement as the show inched closer and closer to its debut.

Even those who claim to abstain from television couldn’t resist tuning in for the premier to “Luis Miguel La Serie.”

It was a bonding moment that transcended generations.

Every member of the family had someone to fall in love with during the show.

@AnaMilan30 tweeted, “My mom and I wanted to watch Netflix’s “Luis Miguel La Serie” but for different reason:

– Her: She loves Luis Miguel.

– Me: @ElJuanpaZurita”

And people were not about to miss it.

“I loved how organized the Mexicans were,” @gisellenaile tweeted. “They were all punctual to see the (presidential) debate at 8 and at 10 everyone was on Netflix to watch Luis Miguel.”

Some fans in Latin America were pretty bummed to learn they don’t get to binge watch the entire series on Netflix.

However, at least they get to watch the show, unlike people anywhere else in the world.

But they are definitely trying to get Netflix to bring the show to a broader audience.

Seems like fans around the world wants a taste of the “Luis Miguel La Serie” life.

El Sol de Mexico made a special cameo appearance watching himself sing in the series.

So meta.

There is some confusion and disappointment with the accent used in the show.

If Twitter is any indication, “Luis Miguel La Serie” is going to be everyone’s telenovela obsession.

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