Watch Lin-Manuel Lay The Smackdown On Larry David In These Clips From His ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Episode

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Oh, it’s on! From the moment it was announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda would be on this season of  fatwa the musical wondered how things would work out between Miranda and Larry David. The video above shows exactly the kind of interaction fans must have been hoping for.

If you’re a ‘Curb’ fan you know that David rarely if ever gets along with anyone. And Miranda? In real life, he gets along with, like, every body. Everyone loves the guy. So what did they do? They flipped it and made Miranda into a control freak, which made the last two episodes of the season really memorable.

From the first moments we see Miranda and David on the screen, they’re immediately at odds with one another.


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From their very first moments on screen together, we’re supposed to see that David has met his match.

They get into a feud so ridiculous that it even gets physical, with Miranda throwing David to the ground to gain the upper hand in a meeting.


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Younger and stronger, David’s going to have a tough time getting his way with Miranda.

So what are they feuding about? Episode 9 and 10 are sort of a two-parter, where Miranda is asked to be the lead in a musical David has written.

The musical is about Salman Rushdie’s fatwa. Miranda, of course, plays Rushdie, the writer who famously wrote “The Satanic Verses” and as a result, the Ayatollah of Iran had a “fatwa,” or hit, put out on him.

Miranda plays opposite actor F. Murray Abraham, who plays the Ayatollah.


The musical numbers put together for this part of the episode are actually legit. The musical numbers were written and composed by Justin Hurwitz, the two-time Oscar-winning composer of “La La Land.” Five-time Tony award winner Susan Strotman choreographed it all, bringing a real Broadway show feel to it all. They didn’t cut any corners for this part.

Miranda took to Twitter to shout them both out.

Probably doesn’t hurt to be a big broadway star yourself to have the best in the game come and help out.

But back to the drama! Miranda and David’s conflict finally comes to a head.

There are several storylines that converge at this one moment, where Miranda is NOT going to put up with David’s mouth anymore, and he gives him the backhand of his gauntlet (glove).

With the duel being thrown down, there’s nothing left to do but to take it to pistols (paintball guns).


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When David’s pants fall, he pulls the trigger. Miranda inadvertently gets shot in the mouth with a blue paintball, ruining his voice for several months. The fatwa is over.

And if their rivalry isn’t enough to get you pumped about Miranda on the show, hearing about his dream of being on it since his college days might.

See? You too could some day slap the snot out of one of your heroes. Dream come true.

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