Liam Payne And J Balvin Dropped The New Bilingual Summer Bop Over The Weekend

Former One Direction bandmate Liam Payne dropped his new single “Familiar” on Spotify featuring J Balvin. The British-Colombian pop song it not just a summer bop, but also the bilingual anthem our ears need right now. They announced the song with an exclusive video for Spotify that was only available for the day.

Payne and Balvin both took to Twitter to announce the music video, and the video clip got fans seeing double.

Fans were living this weekend thanks to “Familiar.”

Payne and Balvin are basically twins for the song and promo and that’s got everyone talking.

Payne even played along with teh jokes some fans made about how “Familiar” the two looked.

? ? ?

The two of them take the sultriness of the song and totally amplified the emotion in their music video.

People are struggling to sing along with their bae, Balvin.

He makes the lyrics seem so easy and smooth that you really do think you can do it.

Legit, some people are totally obsessed with this song.

“Familiar” is encouraging other artist to get out there and create some art.

Live, live, live Viri! Yaaaassss.

Seems like the fans have spoken and this song will be a summer bop before you know it.

Congrats, Balvin and Payne.

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