The Director Of ‘Coco’ Got A Letter From A Mexican-American Fan And The Responses Will Make You Cry

This week Lee Unkrich, director of the Disney-Pixar film “Coco” which debuted in the U.S. a little over a week ago, shared a fan letter on Twitter. A woman, whose name wasn’t shared, wrote in to Pixar’s email on a whim. She explained how much she appreciated the film, but more importantly what the film meant to her and her mother who hadn’t stepped inside of a movie theater in 30 years, until “Coco,” of course. She didn’t think anyone would read it, but she was wrong. Now thousands of people have read it and so many of them are relating to her story. And crying, too.

“Coco” director Lee Unkrich shared a letter from a fan explaining how much of an impact the film has had on her and her mother.

In the letter the fan explains that her parents are both Mexican immigrants who aren’t fluent in English. Since the film is being screened in the U.S. in Spanish at several locations, her mother was able to finally, after 30 years, comfortably watch a film at the movie theaters. She said that her mom “Forgot she was not from here. She felt at home.”

*I’m already crying*

After Unkrich shared the letter, people started chiming in about how much the film meant to them, too.


This fan thanked Unkrich and the “Coco” filmmakers for bringing representation, especially at this time.

This Twitter user explained how one aspect of the film expanded his family traditions.

A big part of the film is not letting your loves ones be forgotten. The altar is a way to do that and that aspect of tradition is explored throughout the film.

Other Twitter users just jumped in to talk about how authentic to the Mexican experience the film was.

Twitter user @coldplay109 wrote “you guys completely nailed Mexico’s essence.”

People were happy to jump on the thank you train, letting the filmmaker know what the movie meant to them.


“Thank you for letting the rest of the world see just how wonderful my country is!” wrote Twitter user @gabsshidalgo.

Quoting from the letter, this user only had one thing to add.

Twitter user @hectorisfunny wrote “?????.” Is there anything more than needs to be said about an immigrant mother feeling like she belongs after 30 years besides a waterfall of tears?

This Twitter user’s GIF game was on point.

“Thank you so much for bringing home and a little piece of my beloved Mexico close to me,” wrote @Mars_prinz who now lives in the U.S. but misses Mexico.

Like her GIF says, I’m not crying, you’re crying. ?

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