Here’s How Laurie Hernandez’s Character Dealt With The Awkward Moment When Her Friend Over Compensated Her ‘Latina-ness’

“Being a good Latina means being a good person.”

Stuck in the Middle” has been on the Disney Channel for about a year and a half now. If you’ve never heard about the show, “Stuck in the Middle” is about a Latino family told through the perspective of 14-year-old Harley Diaz, played by Jenna Ortega. Harley is the middle child of seven siblings living in the fictional town of Marshport. In the latest episode, Harley’s older sister Georgie, played by Kayla Maisonet, meets and befriends Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez at a meet and greet in Boston. During the meeting, Georgie manages to convince Hernandez to stop by her home, if she is ever in the neighborhood, for a nice, traditional Latino meal. Thing is, Georgie over-delivered on how Latino her family is and is left compensating and taking things a little too far to prove how Latino she and her family are. That’s when Hernandez dropped some sage wisdom on Georgie, and Latino “Stuck in the Middle” viewers.

During the “Stuck in the Middle” episode, Gerogie has a crisis and starts to doubt if she really is Latina enough.

Laurie Hernandez News / YouTube

This was after convincing Hernandez to stop by for an authentic, home-cooked dinner and trying too hard to make her family and home seem ultra Latino.

But, Hernandez is quick to soothe her doubts.

Laurie Hernandez News / YouTube

She helps Georgie discover what she believes being Latina is all about.

Laurie Hernandez News / YouTube

Hernandez gives Georgie some pretty solid advice. Being Latino doesn’t mean you know every custom and only cook super traditional meals. Being Latino is who you are and nothing can take that away. Simply being yourself, you are being Latino.

You can watch the moment Laurie Hernandez and Georgie Diaz talk about what it means to be Latino below.

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