Latinx Voters Favor Senator Bernie Sanders As Their Top Presidential Candidate To Face Off Against Trump

We are down to 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls. Each week it seems like we’re losing a candidate and we’re totally okay with that because in the end there’s only going to be one contender facing off against Donald Trump. So, who is it going to be? It is definitely too soon to tell. We’re still more than a year away until the 2020 presidential election, but there are a couple of candidates that are topping the list as favorable among Latinx. Either way, both Trump and his opposer will be vying for the Latinx vote.

As of now, Senator Bernie Sanders is the top contender among Latinx voters, especially those under the age of 30.

Several key polls show Sanders has a slight advantage among young Latinx voters, garnering 24 percent approval rate. However, he is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by just one percent. Senator Elizabeth Warren ranks in third place. CNN is attributing Sanders gain among Latinx because this group is “younger and more liberal.”

Activist Jeronimo Saldaña agrees with the theory that younger voters approve of the platforms that Sanders is running on, while older Latinx have more conservative views.

“As someone who has previously worked on marijuana legalization and saw the huge gap between older Latinxs and those under 25, the enthusiastic support for Sanders from young folks identifying as Latinx is not surprising,” Saldaña said in an interview with mitú. He added, “Older gente did not want to legalize marijuana and had more conservative views when it came to a range of issues. I think younger folks hear someone like Bernie Sanders and are inspired by his vision and willingness to tackle structural oppression.”

Unfortunately, the only Latino presidential candidate — Julian Castro — is not garnering as much Latinx support as some would assume.

A Univision poll shows Biden is ahead among Latinx voters, Sanders comes in second, and Castro in third.

Saldaña is surprised that more Latinx are not swaying toward Castro, especially among young voters because he’s “incredibly relatable.”

“There have been some articles about his identity as a Latino in spite of not speaking Spanish and so many tweets and Facebook posts relating to him on that level,” Saldaña said. “I feel like either Sanders and Castro would make a phenomenal president. Both candidates have incredible Latinxs on their staff.” He added, “If folks were to read Julian’s platforms, especially on police accountability and immigration, they would love what he’s putting out there.”

After the third debate last week, Latinx continued to favor Sanders and Biden.

Credit: Twitter/@CaraKorte

The latest Univision poll shows Sanders and Biden, with 27 percent and 25 percent respectively. Latinx voters also say those two candidates performed best in the debate. Elizabeth Warren followed with 23 percent. The poll also showed that Beto O’Rourke, whose poll numbers have been tanking, did get a boost after the third debate from 6 percent to 11 percent. Some credit his handling on the El Paso shooting and his stance against gun violence. Among Latinx polled, a majority saw Castro’s tense exchange with Biden as a positive thing. “Sixty-four percent of Latinx respondents said he was right to ‘highlight inconsistencies in Biden’s plans’ on immigration and healthcare. They also thought Castro has the best plan to carry out immigration reform.”

As you can see, it’s still anyone’s game.

Whoever the Democratic candidate is at the end, Latinx are sure to back them up no matter what.

Credit: Twitter/@Natalie Montelongo

The Univision poll shows that whoever runs against Trump, at least 62 percent of Latinx reported that they will support any Democrat who opposes him. Furthermore, Latinx voters are the largest nonwhite voting group in the country in the 2020 election, NBC reports. 

“In 2018, we saw one of the most significant gains in registration and turnout,” Matt Barretto, a principal at Latino Decisions said to NBC News. “So I believe we have really turned a corner through a combination of the levels of anger…as well as the increased mobilization that parties and candidates are now doing. So I do believe you will see a very robust and high turnout in 2020.” Pew Research also shows that the number of Latinx voters nearly doubled from 2014 to 2018, nearing presidential election year levels, which means the Latinx turnout for 2020 should be even higher. 

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