Latinx Businesses To Support This Holiday Gifting Season

Latinos are some of the biggest spenders. We are also the demographic that is starting small businesses at a faster rate than the rest of the startup population in the United States. This holiday season we could put our money where our mouth is and invest it back into businesses in our community that were founded by people like our parents, tíos, tías or primos who we know made incredible sacrifices for their shot at The American Dream.

With the internet so accessible and tools like Instagram Shop and Facebook Marketplace it is now easier than ever to transact with these businesses that hit so close to home. Plus, we made it even easier by compiling a list of some of our favorite Latinx owned businesses (in no particular order) for you to shop at this holiday season.

Oh Comadre Candles

Marcella Gomez is a nurse and founded Oh Comadre as a way to self-care and escape the seriousness of her nursing job. After testing different waxes and wicks for 16 months, she came up with her version of the perfect organic veggie soy wax candle with a cotton wick. She hand pours every candle herself in Downey, Calif. She wants her candles to represent her culture and evoke emotion, comfort and lovely memories.

Mercedes Salazar

Mercedes Salazar has always been fascinated by jewelry. As a child, she was drawn to sparkly gems and intrigued by the intricate stylings of indigenous artisans in her homeland of Colombia. Yet, it was the stories behind her mother’s favorite trinkets that inspired the jewelry designer to turn her passion for pretty stones and threads into a career and also preserve stories and culture through her medium. Nearly two decades after Mercedes Salazar first launched, the brand grew beyond the founder’s wildest dreams now selling at high-end stores like Nordstrom, Revolve and Bloomingdales to name a few.

Tragos Card Game

Tragos is the party game para Latinos. Made with pure Latino pride, Tragos is the drinking card game that your abuela will not approve of. Each box holds 110 ridiculously true Latino reference cards, designed with unique game rules to get the fiesta started.

Lil Libros

In a world with a shortage of bilingual books for children, Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein began their mission to introduce bilingualism and Latin American culture through picture board books. Lil Libros was created to inspire parents to read to their children and encourage them to do so in two languages.

Fuchila Fresheners

Founded by husband and wife and after noticing that everyone had the same “little green trees” freshener hanging from their rear-view mirror, this couple set out to design a line of air fresheners that not only smell great but you can hang with pride from your mirror.

Luna Impressions

Mother of three, Erika, was inspired to come up with these adorable dolls after walking into a baby boutique and falling in love with their accessories… that were out of her price range. She always loved crafts but having three boys made her more conscious of her spend. One day she decided to make her own baby shoes. She loves making things for little ones and seeing pictures of happy customers. If you purchase something from her line, be sure to tag her!

Taco Gear

This brand was created by Gerald Flores from his love for both Graphic Design and of course tacos. Like many Latinos, tacos are a huge part of Gerald’s life. They represent his culture and bring people together. At the time of the launch of his brand, he couldn’t really find any shirts or hats about tacos that he liked, so he decided to launch his own.

Jose Pulido

Jose Pulido has been drawing as long as he can remember. Some of his earliest memories involve notebooks and doodles. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, he started a small t-shirt company with his brother, called Mis Nopales. They strive to celebrate Mexican culture through various projects.

Loquita Bath & Body

Loquita Bath and Body is a California-based company that specializes in Latinx and 90’s nostalgia bath products. They’re the company that gave us the famous concha bath bomb. Their concha bath bomb comes in a variety of scents like a chocolate concha, a unicorn concha, a pink concha, and a zombia concha. Drop one of these in your tub and your bathroom will soon smell like the local pandería. 


Raffedytiff is kown for its eclectic fok-cultural style with an eccentric personality and unique feel. Specializing in statement apparel and accessories, Raggedytiff is known for its unique textile prints. Founder Jessica Resendiz was born in Queretaro, Mexico but was raised in San Diego most of her childhood. She began creating hair accessories as young as 8 years old. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles and launched her business shortly after.

Millennial Lotería

Millennial Lotería is a hilarious and insightful parody of the classic Latinx game Lotería, but this time, it’s like way more millennial. Born from the viral Instagram account, this game reimagines La Dama as La Feminist, El Catrín as El Hipster, and El Mundo as La Student Debt. Filled with nostalgia and ironic humor, it’s guaranteed to make your next fiesta lit AF.

Salvadoran Lotería

The Salvadoran version of Lotería uses the images and names of Salvadoran items, foods and characters instead of the original Don Clemente Gallo version. Many of the items found in the game are not just specific to El Salvador, but it’s the way it’s said that makes it a true Salvadoran experience.

Alamar Cosmetics

Just about every cosmetic store is selling the same eyeshadow palettes. You can be a little different and shop at Latina-owned businesses like Alamar who offers unique shades and packaging that speak directly to us. Alamar Cosmetics was founded by a Cubana who moved to Miami. For her brand, she likes to blend trends with timeless.

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