These Graduation Posts With Latinas And Their Dads Are The Sweetest Thing On The Internet Right Now

College graduation is as much an individual effort as it is a collective one. Particularly in Latino families, the endless study sessions, the stress over fees and the joys of success are a communally experienced path. Added to that, many Latino families see university education as a way of establishing roots in the United States, contributing to the economy and sharing a piece of the American Dream, which is still alive despite recent shake-ups of who we are as a nation.

We are proud of all Latino graduates, but particularly of women who have worn the graduation regalia. Society at large but traditional Latino communities in particular sometimes still hold archaic ideas of what las mujeres should and shouldn’t do. Believe us, raising a family is a vocation but so is having a professional career. Latino women are so chingonas that they can often do both. But as they say, la educación comienza en casa, and father figures can be especially crucial for young Latinas. From many, it is their papitos who make them feel safe and empowered, and who shape their early ideas about gender roles.

We have found a selection of photos that show proud Latina graduates with their dads. These moments are full of heightened emotions: pride and nostalgia, a sense of achievement for all involved, un rayito de esperanza para el futuro. Try not to cry too much! Some of these photos capture a unique hija-papá moment, and others feature the whole family…. posoye!

This first dad/daughter dance after graduation

Credit: Instagram. @sugarxndspice

This very smiley and proud Latina graduate finds strength in her cultural roots. She is wearing a Mexican stole and has us hypnotized with her Selena-like red lipstick. That smile says it all. But it is the caballero del bigote who told her that la fortaleza is found in your culture. This family has made it en el otro lado by remaining true to themselves.

This dad that migrated so his mijita could walk on the podium

Credit: Instagram. @mizmono

Quiere llorar, quiere llorar! This dad is holding back his tears of joy and mucho pinche orgullo as his daughter holds him, The mom just couldn’t hold her tears back and we don’t blame her: immigrant parents see graduations as a culmination of a multitude of efforts, de malas rachas and a process of cultural adaptation that is never easy, nunca de los nuncas. We are sure that this couple looked each other in the eye at the end of the day and whispered: “Todo valio la pena… it was all worth it”.

La familia es un equipo! GO TEAM!

Credit: Instagram. @suspirosss_

This young lady is grateful, and that is a quality that we hope she keeps all throughout her life. Rather than seeing a sus viejos as an obstacle for being herself and tracing her own path, she sees them as the gravitational force that grounds her to the ground. These three are very lucky to have each other. And just look at the big smile on daddy’s face: we are sure he will show photos of the graduation to todos sus compadres. There is always an excuse to take out your phone and presumir a su princesita.

We just can’t get over this daddy’s pure expression of joy 

Credit: Instagram. @tapia.stephanie

Stephanie Tapia has one cool dad. Un panzoncito encantador, as an abue would say. Just look at that big mouth, open in delight, crowned by the cute bigotito that many Mexican-American dads have.

But there is a story of struggle behind that big smile… read this and we will hand you un clinex

Credit: Instagram. @tapia.stephanie

Yes, Stephanie’s dad knew that she would have to walk the extra mile as a woman and as a daughter of migrants. He might have been estricto when Stephanie was growing up, but it was all for a good reason. In the end, his toughness made her the woman she is now. Good on them!

La princesita forever

Credit: Instagram. @smileforsandy

We know that parents will always see us as their bebecitos chiquitos. This dad is so cute: leaning over to kiss his daughters head, just as he did not so long ago when she was still in the crib. Ay, la vida pasa acelerada. We hope this family framed such a gorgeous moment and that it is hanging over the mantelpiece.

Stephanie Vega has one amazing papi

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

At first sight, this is a normal, everyday photo of a young Latina graduate with her dad and brother. But if you read the caption…

A single dad who has given it all for his mijitos

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

It must not be easy at all being a single dad, and even more so if you belong to a minority. Stephanie now holds a Masters degree in Education and we are sure she will work hard so new generations of Latinas achieve what she has accomplished. Arriba y padelante!

This young Nicaraguan who no se anda con rodeos

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

With the ovaries where they should be… what an amazing feminist iteration of con los huevos bien puestos (we are sure you get it!). She dedicated her degree to her parents and we are certain that papito cried.

This young lady who went all out in her effort to say thanks.

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

Me puse las pilas translates into something like “I know I slacked a bit, but I rectified my path when I needed to”. This dad’s closed eyes speak volumes: he is living a dream, and her daughter’s academic accomplishment is a parental logro for himself.

This graduate and her dad returning to the fields he worked endless hours in

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

This San Diego native and her farmer dad give us a moment that really needs no description. Se vale llorar.

La lucha sigue! But let’s celebrate for now

Credit: Instagram. @latinxs_with_a_degree

Ruby Ponce and her dad share a unique ritual: he places the cap on his mijitas head and looks proudly at her. We can see years of hard work on his thin hands, and sleepless nights in las entradas sobre su cabeza. Vale la pena. 

Por un mundo sin fronteras… for a borderless world

Credit: Instagram. @jennifer_rodriguez21

This is a story that is echoed in many migrant families. Parents arrive with nothing, crossing the border on precarious conditions so future generations don’t have to suffer as much hardship as them. Migrant parents are about the most generous people there can be: they often know that their lives will be defined by struggle and long hours, but they also know that efforts can lead to amazing family accomplishments. Graduation is just the first step.

And finally, this young Latina that knows that formal education can only teach you so much… lo mejor se aprende en casa

Credit: Instagram. @adventureswithmayra

Mayra knows that you can’t learn everything in the classroom and that dad can teach invaluable lessons such as saving your money for things that are worth it! Also, we love the SI SE PUDO message that this amazing migrant dad is wearing on her daughter’s stole. Que padre tan padre.

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