We Never Knew We Wanted Something As Much As This Video Of La Chilindrina In ‘Stranger Things’

Credit: Netflix América Latina/ YouTube

“Voy a ser muy buena… te lo prometo… fijate, fijate, fijate, fijate…”

La Chilindrina is back. Seriously. Mexican comedian Marie Antoinette de las Nieves revives her character from “El Chavo del Ocho” in a “Stranger Things” mashup that no one asked for — but holy crap, are we happy we got it. Nieves is perfect in this short promo, a parody of “Stranger Things” and its telekinetic protagonist Eleven.

The video starts off with La Chilindrina playing “reject experiment 9.2” in the same secret facility where Eleven’s powers were developed. Things get odd as we see her strapped to a chair with wires attached to her head and temples. Then things get really “strange” as we watch her use her apparent telekinetic powers to make a Coke can explode. She also bleeds from her nose and communicates with creatures in the upside down through the same sensory deprivation chamber used on Eleven.

Soon, La Chilindrina becomes so unhinged that we’re left wondering, “Why did any of this happen?” Nieves’ acting, however, is phenomenal. As she delivers her famous “fijate, fijate, fijate” line through a bloody nose and blood-stained teeth, you wonder why the actress didn’t star in any horror movies.

Stranger still? The video had about 4.9 million views on Facebook within the first hour. Maybe everyone’s just watching over and over trying to figure out what’s going on, or maybe they’re just glad to see La Chilindrina once more.

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