Kid Cudi Saw Antoni Porowski In Drag And Now He Wants Someone To Give Him A Whole Drag Makeover

Kid Cudi has moved our bodies with his amazing music and we still can’t get enough of his song “Day & Nite.” he has kept a pretty low profile but when he comes back into the news he knows how to do it with a splash. That’s exactly what happened when he commented on seeing ‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni Porowski dressed in drag.

Antoni Porowski recently shared an incredible photo of himself in full drag and OMG.

Credit: antoni / Instagram

Porowski is a member of the iconic “Queer Eye” crew that is changing hearts and minds one Netflix show at a time. It seems like Porowski was even able to change Kid Cudi’s mind after literally setting the internet on fire with this fierce af drag look.

Kid Cudi quickly responded on Twitter asking for his very own drag makeover.

Credit: @KidCudi / Twitter

That’s right. Kid Cudi, thee Kid Cudi openly admitted that he wants to feel just as fabulous and Antoni Porowski looks in his full drag regalia. This might be the most magical and powerful tweet the internet had ever seen. Thank you for this, Kid Cudi.

Then the fans came out to stan.

Credit: @karo_linaaaa / Twitter

Who doesn’t stan a man who understands the value of being open and accepting? Plus, if he can pull off drag they way he pulls off everything else then he is more than just an amazing musician.

Fans are literally willing to follow Kid Cudi in his drag future.

Credit: @ayyeechristian / Twitter

Umm…it might be time to ship this idea. Who knew there were so many open-minded and intellectually sexy men out here? Honestly, if your man is too manly to even play with the idea of drag, there’s something they aren’t telling you.

Miz Cracker, the mastermind behind Antoni Porowski’s transformation, has already shown interest.

Credit: @miz_cracker / Twitter

Miz Cracker beating Kid Cudi’s face is a dream come true for so many little queer fans out there. What a beautiful and magical pairing.

Some men who are just too uncomfortable with people being fun had some things to say.


Wow. Groundbreaking. Who doesn’t enjoy straight men being scared of other straight men living the life they want to live? It’s almost like they are just uncomfortable because they might want to do the same thing but can’t admit it.

But the supporters were there to let them know they weren’t invited to the party.

Credit: @TeachMrATeach / Twitter

Everyone is just excited to see Kid Cudi dressed in drag for no other reason than to be fabulous. This is something more people should get behind.

Even the people behind DragCon are offering to give Kid Cudi the makeover he deserves.

Credit: @RuPaulsDragCon / Twitter

Wouldn’t that just be amazing. If this happens, we just hope that RuPaul is involved to make Kid Cudi the dynamo drag queen he is meant to be.

In conclusion, please do this, Kid Cudi.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see what you become.

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