Kevin Fret’s New Music Video Shows The Late Rapper Further Challenging Gender Roles In Latin Trap Music

At just 24 years old, Puerto Rican Latin trap artist, Kevin Fret, broke so many barriers. It’s just a shame he cannot be here to witness his history in the making. Yet still, the rapper who was tragically gunned down on Jan. 10, continues to make waves in the music industry.

The family of the late Kevin Fret released a new music video for his single titled “Mala.”

kevin fret / YouTube

The minute and a half clip shows Fret looking glamorous, walking in stilettos on the red carpet, and getting stalked by the paparazzi. Clearly, this would have been his life if he was still around and we are all saddened that he is no longer with us.

The young rapper brings another new element to the Latin music scene that will surely get people talking.

kevin fret / YouTube

While Bad Bunny is definitely bringing androgyny to Latin music — his video for “Caro” had him showing off his nail polish and kissing a girl that looked just like him — Fret is going above and beyond.

The late rapper is counterattacking the notion that queer artists have no place in Latin music, especially rap.


In “Mala” we see Fret on stage, as a stripper, throwing money at the audience and dancing right alongside female strippers. Sexual orientation and gender identity should never dictate the life someone can have and the career they can pursue. In this case, Fret is breaking down barriers that said he couldn’t enter a super masculine music genre.

In his short career, he never strayed from being controversial.

This video will certainly have people talking as he took his controversial take on Latin trap even further. His name is connected with an extortion case targeting Ozuna. Fret was threatening to release a sexually explicit video of Ozuna when he was 16 with another man. Ozuna made payments to keep Fret quiet.

Police officials have not arrested anyone in connection to his death, but a petition was launched on Change.org demanding justice for the rapper.

Check out the entire clip below.

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