‘Ingobernable’ Is Giving Americans A Different View Of Mexico And Kate Del Castillo Is Here For It

“We’re showing Mexico just the way it is.”

“Ingobernable” is a high-paced thrill ride for anyone who loves political dramas. Kate del Castillo plays Mexico’s First Lady Emilia Urquiza who has lost faith in her husband and decides to leave him. Things go wrong when the president plummets from a balcony to his death. What follows is a whirlwind of nonstop running for First Lady Urquiza as she tries to stay safe during the investigation into President Urquiza’s untimely and questionable death.

First Lady Urquiza is a groundbreaking character, according to del Castillo, who spoke with mitú about the Netflix original series.

“It’s the first time we are talking about the First Lady of Mexico,” del Castillo says. “[It’s] the first time we show the politics of Mexico. We’re showing Mexico just the way it is, which I think is interesting for Americans. To see how powerful Mexico is, how beautiful it is and how much money there is and how poor it is also and how both worlds connect. The in between is what I think is very interesting.”

Yet, del Castillo knows that Latinas have a long way to go when it comes to how they are portrayed in media. Del Castillo admits that everyone working on a show has the responsibility and obligation to create and foster fully established characters. It should not be about overly sexualizing character just because they are Latina and it fits the stereotype.

“Me, as an actress, I have the obligation to take care of my characters. Not to sexualize my characters,” del Castillo says. “Not only me, but some times there’s a fine line and you don’t even notice when they are sexualized. I think that as an actress, we need to find those kinds of roles where we are not sexualized and it’s not easy. We still want to work and many roles are still sexualized, especially for Latinas.”

Check out the full interview above and catch season 2 of “Ingobernable” only on Netflix.

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