If This Single Is Any Indicator, Kali Uchis New Album Is Going To Be Lit

“Que seamos sólo tú y yo y nuestro planeta.”

Colombian-American singer Kali Úchis has released her latest single, “Nuestro Planeta,” which she recently performed with Cuco during a live stream for mitú. This latest single confirms that she will indeed be giving her fans more music in Spanish. Úchis’ first Spanish-language song was the translation of her single “Tyrant” — it became “Tirano” — and fans ate that one up. This time, Úchis tantalizes her fans with a seductive love song for all of her Spanish-speaking (or Spanish-understanding) fans. Reykon, a Colombian reggaeton singer, lent his talent to the project and it really pulled the whole thing together. Give it a listen.

The single has sent fans wild.

KaliUchisVEVO / YouTube

“…across the CVS parking lot.” ?

It’s even encouraging some people to learn Spanish.

KaliUchisVEVO / YouTube

It never hurts to know what the person is singing if you are going to try an ramble along with the song.

The power of this Spanish ballad has blown the wigs off many a fan.

KaliUchisVEVO / YouTube


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