In Her Latest Video, Kali Uchis Goes Shopping For A Lover, Who Turns Out To Be Tyler, The Creator

Kali Uchis serves some funk and it needs to be appreciated.

Kali Uchis’ new single featuring Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins, “After The Storm,” is a pretty, mellow funk jam that will get your head slowly bopping. The song is about one of the most universally understood emotions and experiences – trying to find a lover. Uchis lays it all on the table as she sings about her struggles to find love in a world that’s unforgiving to the lovesick.

With lyrics like, “The sun’ll come out / Nothing good ever comes easy / I know times are rough / But winners don’t quit / So don’t you give up” Uchis knows the human condition. But the best thing about the song is the sexy af music video.

Uchis plays a lonely woman looking for love in the aisles of a bright grocery store. Her grocery list even includes the item “LOVER.” Thankfully, the magic supermarket Uchis shops at carries this very thing. More specifically, she finds “lover seeds” that she can plant to grow a lover, and that’s exactly what she does. She plants the seeds and with some TLC, her new lover, played by Tyler, The Creator, springs out of the ground. He even has a full head of grass to really drive home the point that he was grown just for Uchis. The whole video gives off a very strong Tim Burton feel but you will lowkey fall in love with the couple and their little kids.

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