This Is How Justina Machado Went From Being A Bank Teller To Penelope In ‘One Day At A Time’

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Justina Machado, take a moment to learn about the Puerto Rican actress. We’ve seen her in guest roles in many a Shonda Rhimes’ shows, and her recent stardom on Netflix’s reboot of One Day at a Time has skyrocketed her career. Machado has been in the industry for decades now, and her new platform has expanded her voice.

Here’s where she comes from and what she has to say today.

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  2. […] “So wurde Justina Machado von einer Bankangestellten zu Penelope in ‘One Day A Time'&#82…. wir sind mitú. 17. Januar 2019. […]

  3. […] “So wurde Justina Machado an einem Tag von einer Bankangestellten zu einer Penelope‘&#82…. wir sind mitú. 17. Januar 2019. […]