The Suit Abraham Quintanilla Filed Against Chris Perez’s Selena Series Will Proceed According To Judge

Bad news for Selena Quintanilla fans.

It doesn’t seem like the much-buzzed-about TV series about Selena Quintanilla will get made anytime soon.

Back in December, Abraham Quintanilla filed a lawsuit when he got word that Selena’s widower, Chris Perez, was working on a TV series based on his memoir, To Selena With Love.

Perez’s lawyers asked State District Judge Guy Williams to dismiss the lawsuit against him from Selena’s dad, citing his First Amendment right to free speech, but the judge ruled in favor of Quintanilla.

The ruling means that Quintanilla’s lawsuit against Perez, which would block the show’s release, can continue in court litigation. According to the Associated Press, Selena‘s dad doesn’t want the show to be made because it’s based on Perez’s unauthorized book, which shows his disapproval of Perez’s account of Selena. This case gets even messier because while Selena didn’t have a will before her tragic death, she did leave certain property rights to her father, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports.

According to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Selena’s father “owns certain entertainment properties including the name, voice, signature, photograph and likeness of Selena,” and “as part of the agreement, Perez is prohibited from exploiting Selena without Quintanilla’s written consent.”

Quintanilla’s lawyers say the television show that Perez wants to develop violates this agreement.

“They’re commercially exploiting her name, image and likeness to make money,” Michael Trauben, Quintanilla’s lawyer said in court.

Trauben also added that “just because the book was released does not entitle them to rampantly run all over and trample the agreement.”

Looks like we’ll have to keep waiting to see the queen’s life play out on the small screen.

Same, Selena, same.

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He isn’t bothered by the judges ruling against him. We’re very interested how this case turns out. Are you?

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