Listen To Juanes’ First Song In English

Credit: JuanesVEVO / YouTube

Just days after dropping the video for his sizzling collaboration with Kali Uchis, Colombian pop-rocker Juanes has released the video for “Goodbye For Now,” his first official English-language track. Like the other videos from Juanes’ forthcoming album, “Mis Planes Son Amarte,” we again see Juanes playing an astronaut in search of the woman of his dreams. The song itself is not a dramatic departure from Juanes’ signature sound, but it’s different enough that you would probably believe someone if they told you it was a new John Mayer single. Juanes’ decision to explore a different vibe is not an accident. The 44-year-old told the Associated Press he previously tried recording songs in English, but none of the tracks worked out to his satisfaction — until now. “I tried various experiments and they didn’t come out very good, until this time, after several years living here [in the U.S.] and getting to know the language. I was able to adapt better and it was easier to do.”

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