A Viral Video Shows A Man Taking A Break From Work To Sing This Jose Jose Classic

There was a rumor a couple of weeks ago that José José had passed away. Thankfully his wife put those rumors to rest because the thought of another Mexican legend dying would simply be too much. But we must face reality, José José is getting up there. The 70-year-old singer won’t be around forever. His career has impacted countless lives throughout the world. Recently, one young man has gone viral because of his rendition of a José José song and you’ve got to hear it to believe it.

This viral video shows a star in the making, and could be Jose Jose’s replacement.

#VIRAL ¿Será el sucesor de José José?

Posted by Comunique Yucatán on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A news station in Yucatán, Mexico, posted a video of a manual worker singing the Mexican singer’s classic “Lo Que No Fue no Será” and nailed each note.

His friend captured the entire song on the spot as he took a break from his yard work. Even his co-workers, who were also on a break sitting beside him, moved away from the shot so he could take center stage.

As his friend recorded the beautiful rendition, and also encouraged viewers to share the video, which have surpassed 2 million views and has more than 72,000 sharesd.

Rangel Martinez, a Facebook user moved by the video, commented on the video, saying: “I liked his singing very much, now imagine if had rehearsed and was rested.  My respects to this man God bless him. José José is a clear talent, yes, but this man is not far behind.”

Here’s José José’s original version of the song.

The two men are not that far apart in skills.

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