Jose Altuve Is A Pretty Good Troll: He Gave Jimmy Fallon A Houston Astros Hat As A Gift

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

“Did you ever think you’d get a standing ovation in New York City?”

Fresh off winning the World Series with the Houston Astros, Venezuelan pelotero Jose Altuve made the trip from Los Angeles to New York to appear on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. Altuve, an admitted Backstreet Boys fan, stepped on to the stage to the sounds of “I Want It That Way,” courtesy of house band The Roots. Fallon couldn’t believe that Altuve, a member of the team that knocked the New York Yankees out of the playoffs, was getting a standing ovation from his audience. Once they sat down, the pair exchanged gifts: Fallon had two sets of eye black stickers and Altuve had a Houston Astros hat with a “World Champions” patch stitched on the side. Fallon, a New York Yankees fan, didn’t hesitate to throw the hat on. Altuve then explained why this year felt different for his team and what it was like playing for a city that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Altuve dedicated the Astros’ World Series victory to those affected by the hurricane: “They are the biggest reason we did what we did last night.”

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