We Talk To Jonathan Chavez About Viral Fame, His Female Role Models, And His Admiration For Eugenio Derbez

Jonathan Chavez, better known as @paqjonathan on social media, is a social media influencer you’ll definitely be seeing more of. The 20-year-old Latino comedian and content creator has amassed a Twitter following of almost 120,000 fans, while his Instagram boasts a staggering 320,000 followers. For a prolific content creator like Chavez, his popularity has not come by chance. His deadpan impressions of characters universal throughout Latinidad has his fans constantly clamoring for more videos. Who among us hasn’t encountered jealous ex-girlfriends, an over-eager Quinceañera girl, or a passive-aggressive (but well-meaning) madre?

Fortunately for us, mitú recently had the chance to talk to Chavez about the behind-the-scenes intel his followers don’t usually get to see: where he gets his inspiration from, his plans for the future, and the admiration he has for the women in his life. 

Mitu (M): Why were you inspired to start making and sharing your videos?

Credit: paqjonathan / Instagram

Jonathan Chavez (JC): I actually started to make videos because my sister told me I impersonated my mom very well. I would do it when my mom would get mad at us. My sister said it was funny–that I should record myself doing it. 

M: Tell us a little about your process–where do you get your sketch ideas from? Do they come to you naturally or do you have to brainstorm them? 

JC: In the beginning, all my sketch ideas came from my mom, but then I started to expand more into the Hispanic community because I wanted to make videos that almost every Latino could relate to. They usually come naturally, I don’t have a script or anything, but sometimes I’ll brainstorm. 

M: Have you been recognized in public yet? If so, what was that like for you the first time it happened?

Credit: paqjonathan / Instagram

JC: I’ve been recognized in public plenty of times. The first time it happened, I was so happy that it made me realize I wanted to keep doing this for a living.

M: What did you think when your videos first started to go viral?

JC: When my videos were being posted by big pages and started to reach millions of views, I got a lot of confidence because it meant people were actually liking them. I also felt very pressured to keep being funny. 

M: You’ve built your brand spoofing the women in your life. Has your mom seen your videos? What does she think of them?

JC: My mom has seen my videos. She has seen the amount of support I’ve gotten from people, and she totally supports me and wants me to keep doing them! 

M: Of the videos you’ve created, what’s your personal favorite?

JC: I love all my videos, but my personal favorite is the one where I re-enact novela love scenes.

M: Are you planning on doing any collaborations in the future? Who is your dream collaboration?

JC: I do plan on collaborating with big influencers in the future. One of my all-time faves is Mario Aguilar–he also gave me a lot of inspiration.

M: Social media–and especially Twitter–can be a breeding ground for “cancel culture.” What are some mistakes you made earlier in your career that you would do differently now?

JC: Many people on social media have told me that I only show the “bad” side of Hispanic women and that it makes me a machista., but that’s wrong. The reason why I impersonate women, in general, is because I think they’re all hard workers and simply great! Maybe in the future, I’ll choose my vocabulary wisely in order to not get canceled! 

M: How do you hope to challenge any misconceptions or stereotypes about Latinos in the mainstream media?

Credit: paqjonathan / Instagram

JC: I hope to grow my platform more and more to prove that we Latinos are hard workers, that we are here to stay, and share our culture with everyone.

M: Is there a Latino in the public eye that you look up to? That you’d like to model your career after?

JC: I love Eugenio Derbez. I definitely look up to him because he has conquered both Mexico and the U.S. with his talent.

M: Where do you see your career going next? Do you have any plans to further expand into Youtube?

JC: I’m actually going to attend acting school in the upcoming year. I love acting and that’s where I’m directing my career towards. 

M: You’ve tweeted about DACA before and have posted on Instagram about immigrants’ rights. Is immigration something you’re passionate about? Why do you care about the fate of DACA?

JC: Immigration is definitely something I care about because I myself come from immigrant parents, I defend DACA because I strongly believe that everyone should pursue a career of their choice in this country without being told “ no. “ 

M: What would you tell fans of yours who are looking to follow in your footsteps as a digital content creator and influencer?

JC: To all my fans who aspire to be influencers, never think your dream is impossible or stupid. Do what you love and never settle for less, everything is possible, por que querer es poder!

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