A Drowning Immigrant Gets Saved By Jesus Christ Walking On Water In This Trailer For “American Gods”

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

“You already know my name.” (drops mic)

The STARZ show “American Gods” is an adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same name by English author Neil Gaiman. The novel is about how mythological creatures and gods actually exist in our reality — the catch is that they exist because people believe in them. It is the power of their belief that brings these gods and creatures into existence. What’s interesting about the stories in the book is that immigrants coming to the U.S. have brought the majority of these spirits and gods with them. The show has already covered Norse, Egyptian and Nigerian mythology.

In this recent clip from next week’s episode, a group of Mexican immigrants make a daring attempt to safely cross into U.S. soil. One unfortunate traveler loses his strength and begins to sink, losing consciousness and going under for his last swim ever. Until he’s suddenly saved by a hand appearing from nowhere. The saved man washes up on the shore and dramatically turns around just in time to see Jesus Christ — yes, the Jesus Christ, walking on water in slippers and modest clothing. When the man asks what his name is, Jesus, perfectly backlit, with his wind blowing through his luxurious locks, mysteriously says, in perfect Spanish, “you already know my name.” The goosebumps!

The only thing wilder than Jesus walking on water is him moonwalking on water.

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

Okay, no but in all seriousness, it’s a pretty cool visual.

Check the full trailer below and make sure you let abuela know to check it out.

Credit: STARZ / Youtube

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