There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The Place When J.Lo Rushed The Stage To Hug This Little Dancer

Jennifer Lopez’s new show “World Of Dance” aired on NBC last night and it was jam packed with amazing dancers. From teams, to pairs, to single dancers, all were highly skilled and competitive. J.Lo watched at home with boyfriend A-Rod, who was obviously there in full support.

J.Lo and A-Rod invited their closest friends to watch the premiere of her dance competition show “World Of Dance.” Here’s a video J.Lo posted to Insta:


“Big night” A-Rod says. J.Lo follows up with “Here we go!” before spinning to look at an enormous living room filled with people all sitting around anxiously awaiting the premier.

Later on, A-Rod posted a video that seemed to catch J.Lo off guard.

If you look closely, across from A-Rod is the host of “World of Dance,” Jenna Dewan Tatum, as well as her husband, Channing Tatum.

The Tatums were there to support and share in the excitement.

J.Lo and Dewan-Tatum were jamming before the West Coast premiere.

Colombian dancer Diana Pombo of Miami performed a beautiful set, at one point bending and flexing so that her foot swept her forehead. I know, it sounds crazy, but watch.

Credit: NBC World of Dance / Youtube

The emotional crux of the night was when the tiny dancer got a hold of the microphone. She told J.Lo how she really felt about her, saying that Lopez inspires her and so many others. This obviously moved J.Lo to tears. She then rushed the stage to give Pombo a big hug and kiss on the cheek as Pombo’s mother watched from the sidelines. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Some other notable mentions were Super Cr3w, a breakdancing crew made up of dancers from all over the world, including Brazil and Venezuela.

Credit: NBC World of Dance / Youtube

Like J.Lo says at the end of their performance, if you take your eyes off of these guys for a second, you’ll miss something.

D’Angelo Castro and Amanda Carbajales performed what judge Derek Hough described as a “possible routine for that million dollars.”

Credit: NBC World of Dance / Youtube

One million dollars is what’s at stake in this reality competition.

If you’re familiar with Castro and Carbajales, you know they’ve come a long way. They performed as a duo on both “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” When they started out, Carbajales was way taller than Castro, but now they’re flipping around and looking like professionals, even though they’re still only in the junior division.

But it was the French twin brothers, who go by Les Twins, who really made an impression.

Credit: NBC World of Dance / Youtube

These guys were raw, precise and cool to watch, and that’s why they got the highest score of the night. It probably doesn’t hurt that the two toured with Beyoncé for six years.

After a successful night, J.Lo posted a short video the following morning to show appreciation to her fans.

Sporting a Snapchat filter with oversized glasses and complete with voice-changer, J.Lo sang a snippet of her first hit “If You Had My Love” as a tribute to everyone who watched the show. No time to dilly dally though, she’s set to perform at Vegas tonight. And you know what happened at her last show

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