J.Lo’s ‘World Of Dance’ Has Their Million Dollar Winner And If You’ve Been Watching It’s No Surprise Who It Is

On Tuesday night’s season finale of the Jennifer Lopez-produced dance competition, “World Of Dance,” nails were bitten, edges of seats were kept warm and a million dollar prize winner was chosen. And to no one’s surprise, it was dancing phenoms Les Twins.

Lopez took to Instagram on Wednesday to congratulate the duo for snagging the top spot.

In the final episode, the brothers seemed to read each other’s minds while performing their intricate choreography.

Credit: NBC World of Dance/ YouTube

After dances like these, there really was no question about who the victors of the show were going to be.

Early on, the duo stood out amongst the other dancers.

Credit: NBC World of Dance/ YouTube

From the qualifiers all the way to the finals, the two seemed to communicate with each other on a semi-psychic level.

But it was their final dance that nailed it for them.

Credit: NBC World of Dance/ YouTube

You can’t lose if your final dance is to the Janet and Michael Jackson song “Scream.”

And how did the duo celebrate their victory? With more dancing, of course!

Credit: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon/ YouTube

Judge Derek Hough and Les Twins appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” for a victory lap. Since they recorded the episode earlier in the day, the audience hadn’t yet found out who actually won the competition, but Hough and Fallon spoiled it. So on the one hand, they ruined the surprise, but on the other, the audience was treated to a live performance by the champions. Can’t beat that. And per usual they killed it. Check it out.

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