In The Middle Of National Adoption Awareness Month, This Movie Is Making A Statement

“The things these kids go through is insane. You can’t even fathom it until they tell you.”

This is what 17-year-old actress Isabela Moner learned as she prepared for her latest role in the movie “Instant Family.”

Based on the film director’s real life experience, “Instant Family” takes you through the adoption process of three young children who are in the foster care system. Director Sean Anders used comedy to tell the story to make it as accessible as possible while still shedding light on the foster care system and adoption process. Straight off the bat, foster care and comedy might not sound like a good mix, but in this film it works and the movie trailer above gives you a glimpse of that.

In this heartwarming comedy, Moner plays the role of Lizzy, the oldest of all three children who are adopted.

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Moner admits that the hardest part about her role was trusting herself to present her character in the most honest and authentic way possible. “The story itself is a very delicate thing,” she says.

As she prepared for her role, the Peruvian-American actress took the time to speak to several children who have either been adopted or are currently in the foster care system. After listening to several stories, Moner learned that it “all boils down to raising awareness and showing [people] the truth.” Especially during a time when there are children being separated from their families, this movie serves as a reminder on the importance of love, unity and family.

The movie is set to be released on Friday, Nov. 16.

Not only is the movie being released near the holiday season, it’s also premiering during what’s considered National Adoption Awareness Month – a month in which different organizations highlight the need for adoptive families.

To learn more about the foster care system and what steps you can take to become a foster parent and adopt a child, keep an eye out for the premiere of “Instant Family” this Friday. Also, make sure you’re ready to laugh and cry back to back.

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