Desus & Mero Crack Up About Carmelo Anthony Possibly Being Mad That Chris Rock Came For His Wife La La On TV

Credit: Desus & Mero/YouTube

“I don’t know, but if La La’s interested in going short next time…”

Desus & Mero went in on Chris Rock on their Viceland show after a recent interview Rock did on “The Wendy Williams Show.” Host Wendy Williams asked Chris Rock about meeting La La Anthony, who is currently separated from her NBA star husband, Carmelo Anthony. Mrs. Anthony left the New York Knicks star after he allegedly fathered a child with an exotic dancer. Desus & Mero joked about how much it reportedly pissed off Anthony, who believed Rock was interested in “scoop[ing] up his wife,” according to rumors in the tabloid site The Daily Mail, which Desus & Mero used to hype up the situation. Desus said, “The Daily Mail is not a reputable organization, but that sounds like a ‘Melo text,” before the duo burst out laughing.

Desus & Mero had a ball laughing at the rumors that Carmelo was mad at Chris Rock, and that La La was going to instigate on Instagram.

Credit: Desus & Mero/YouTube

Although La La and Carmelo are still married, she was recently spotted at the Met Gala with rings on every finger but *that* one. In the video Desus & Mero showed, Rock says, “If Lala’s interested in going short next time. Lala’s a bad… woo! She’s fire.” Mero had some hilarious commentary on what Rock really meant when he played it off saying “I’m friendly with Carmelo” after Williams asked “Are you friends with Carmelo?” Check out the hilarious clip above.

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