The Today Show Gave The World What They Want And Organized A Meeting Between Ryan Reynolds And The “Peloton Wife”

In what seems to be the natural conclusion to the bizarre saga of the Peloton commercial, Monica Ruiz, the actress behind the infamous Peloton ad, met Ryan Reynolds on live TV–a move that was organized by the Today show. The actors discussed the divisive nature of the original ad, how the follow-up commercial was conceived, and how quickly everything came together. “It was a rush,” Reynolds admitted. “We did this thing in 36 hours”.

Reynolds, who is both the owner of Aviation Gin as well as the brainchild behind Peloton-spoofing follow-up commercial, told “Today” host Hoda Kotbe that the idea of poking fun at the controversial ad came from a good place. “You see everything is sort of divisive these days,” Ryan explained. “We had this thought that we could do this ad without contributing to that divide, without really vilifying anybody—just sort of commenting on both the person and the actress in the ad all at once.” 

Interestingly enough, although Ruiz was hired by Reynolds’ team to take part in their advertisement, she had not yet met Reynolds in person. 

Shortly after Ruiz gave an interview on the scandal, Reynolds joined the actress on the Today show stage. Reynolds explained the Aviation Gin commercial’s inception, saying that his idea of involving Ruiz with his company was very different at first. “[My creative partner] sent me the ad and I said ‘Oh wow, I see why there’s some backlash’,” he recounted to Kotbe. “Can we just send [Ruiz] a year’s supply of gin? She doesn’t have to film herself’. And then that sort of evolved from there”.

“We love acknowledging and playing with the cultural landscape,” he explained further. “And we thought this would be a great opportunity [to do that].” 

Before Reynolds arrived, Kotbe asked Ruiz why she thought the ad struck such a nerve with viewers. 

“Honestly, I think it was just my face,” said Ruiz. “My eyebrows looked worried I guess. People were like, ‘You look scared.’”. Kotbe also asked Ruiz why she was initially hesitant to do press after the controversy surrounding the ad. Ruiz admitted that she didn’t want to seem like she was capitalizing on a negative situation. But after the media circus didn’t die down, she decided to address the situation herself. “I just wanted to let everyone know I’m fine,” she told Kotbe. “I’m OK, I’m not in a rehab for mental health anywhere.”

Ruiz also revealed that she was initially hesitant to accept Reynolds’ offer of starring in the Peloton-spoofing gin commercial because she didn’t want the fitness brand to think she was making fun of them. “I had such an amazing experience when I shot the Peloton commercial that I was like, I don’t want them to think I was…saying anything mean”. She went on to say that Reynolds’ team assured her that her involvement in the new ad would just be “taking air out of the situation”.

As for Ruiz, she still seemed to be coming to grips with her new-found fame.

“Can you believe you’re sitting next to Ryan Reynolds?” Kotbe asked Ruiz. “I feel like I’m in an alternate universe right now,” Ruiz responded. “This is so weird”.

When asked by Kotbe what she sees her career going now, Ruiz responded truthfully that she hopes the ad won’t negatively impact her career. “I hope people can see me as an actress. I hope people can remember that I’m not actuality the Peloton lady, and let me work other jobs,” she said with a laugh. 

As with everything involving this hot-button topic, Twitter had a few things to say about Monica Ruiz’s “Today” interview. 

It’s truly fascinating how such a seemingly harmless ad has become so incredibly divisive.

This writer wasn’t on board with Ruiz blaming herself for the Peloton backlash:

It’s definitely true that it wasn’t simply Ruiz’s expression that rubbed viewers the wrong way. The premise of the ad was what was the most controversial.

This person also felt the need set Ruiz straight on who was to blame for the ad’s failure.

There were probably hundreds of people involved in the commercial’s problematic execution. 

This person believes that Ruiz’s true calling is on the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

We actually agree with this. If there’s one thing that this interview proves, it’s that Ruiz exudes an inherent likability.

This person predicted the next chapter for the continuing Peloton saga:

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if a streaming network decided to capitalize on this story.

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