If You’ve Ever Been Cheated On, Bomba Estéreo’s New Music Video Is Made For You

With its new music video, Bomba Estéreo appears to be chronicling the lives of brown girls everywhere. Let me explain.

Credit: BombaEstereoVEVO / YouTube

Last fall, the trio released their music video for “Soy Yo” — a relatable depiction of what it’s like to grow up Latina.

Needless to say, the song and video were a smash hit. So much so that women posted pictures of their youth when they were also awkward little girls. The song was part of Bomba’s GRAMMY-nominated album “Amanecer” and the video garnered more 18 million views.

Now, the electro-tropical group has released “Duele” — a new single about a-holes who cheat!

Credit: BombaEstereoVEVO /YouTube

Because who hasn’t been there… am I right? The track from their forthcoming album is accompanied by an amazing music video, which feels more like a short film. The visuals are pretty impressive — think half telenovela, half Salvador Dalí painting.

Directed by Sam Mason, the song is all about heartbreak and what it feels like when you are confronted with infidelity.


While there are Middle Eastern influences in the song, the sound is signature Bomba. “Duele” was recorded on a flauta de millo — a traditional woodwind instrument often played on classic cumbia recordings from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

“The flauta de millo has been one of the most inspiring instruments in our career,” says Bomba Estéreo founder Simon Mejia via a press release. “We’ve used it since our first album ‘Estalla.’ The sound is unique and beautiful with roots for the entire cumbia tradition. I remember once playing it for Brian Eno when I met him for a mentorship and he was like ‘oh my god, I’ve never heard that kind of sound before in my life!'”

As far as the song itself, the track was recorded in the Sierra Nevada mountain town of Minca, near Santa Marta, the hometown of vocalist Liliana Saumet.

The band is currently on a massive tour, including at the Ruido Fest in Chicago next month!

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