Shakira Dancing Bachata In An Instagram Video Confirms What We Already Knew About Her Dancing

Shakira has long had the world held captive with her sultry dance moves. Her latest project with Prince Royce is already abuzz with the fact that Shakira is giving bachata a try with “Deja Vu“. A video recently posted to Instagram is giving fans a little sneak peek as she learns bachata for the upcoming music video.

Here’s the bachata lesson Shakira recently posted to Instagram.

Get. It. Queen. ??

And her fans are loving the video.

@shakira / Instagram

jiselgsilva shakira is great

tu_nena_tres @javickoKing She continues to make great music.

lizzipr ????????????

yorleidy1419 Beautiful

marh3012_ Marvelous

dianitaleal_ I love it !! ❤️❤️

Like, they are really loving it.

It seems that Shakira wasn’t quite ready for what she was getting herself into.

@shakira / Instagram

Or maybe she was just impressed with her teacher’s skills.

Either way, her instructor seems happy with her progress…and his job.

@shakira / Instagram

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