Here Are 21 Romantic On-Screen Kisses That We Still Talk About

Finally, the “Best Kisses” list that features Latinos, the universally acknowledged best kissers on the planet. Prepare yourself for a steam fest because it’s about to boil in here, ranging from teen romance to on-screen couples that are already coupled IRL, to telenovelas.

Latinos know how to bring their A-game.

1. “The Babysitter


Cubana Bella Thorne took spin the bottle to the next level. Did I just see the heavens parting? Because this is the most divine it’s going to get on this list.

2. “Jane the Virgin”: Jane and Michael’s first kiss.

@joel / Youtube

This is one of those romantic fantasies we’ve all had. After Jane assumed the cop at her 21st birthday party was a stripper and shot his gun into the air, romance just poured out. He watched a telenovela, and ceiling dust falls on them.

3. “Jane the Virgin”: The Kiss. It spurred a romance novel available in stores now.

@MrMadisonC / Twitter

You can actually go out and buy the novel that fictional character Jane Villanueva writes about her romance with Michael. Look at that cover art.

4. “Jane the Virgin”: Jane and Rafael’s first kiss.

The CW

Full disclosure: I’m team #Jafael all the way, and this magical Season 4 moment where both their hearts glowed and magical realism placed them in a meadow, setting the stage for a happily ever after was  e v e r y t h i n g. Until the writers wrote the finale.

5. Any kiss Camila Mendes has as Veronica Lodge on “Riverdale.”

The CW

Including this unexpected kiss with Betty in the hopes it would land them both a spot on the cheerleading team. Luckily, (then-closeted) captain Cheryl Blossom was unfazed and made them earn their spot.

6. But especially the make out sessions she has with her boyfriend, Archie.

@VarchiePolls / Twitter

They have the actual hots for each other, and you’re guaranteed to get a sex scene with every fight scene. It’s just how #Varchie functions.

 7. “She’s All That”

“She’s All That.” Digital Image. PopSugar. 9 May 2018.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is a Puerto Rican hottie who plays a teen heartthrob (naturally). After coming clean about his less-than-pure plan to turn nerd Laney Boggs into his own personal popularity boost, they share a kiss like no other. #steamfest

8. “Original Sin”

“Original Sin.” Digital Image. Pop Sugar. 9 May 2018.

Just watch Angelina Jolie’s character, Julie, and Antonio Banderas (aka Luis) take it to the bedroom. You won’t be disappointed.

9. “Don Juan DeMarco”

“Don Juan DeMarco.” Digital Image. Pop Sugar. 9 May 2018.

Here’s the premise: Don Juan DeMarco (Johnny Depp) believes to be the greatest lover in the world. I wonder what machismo would be like without this movie. Probably much more tolerable.

His kiss with Puerto Rican dreamboat, Talisa Soto, is pretty epic though.

10. “The Words”

“The Words” Digital Image. PopSugar. 9 May 2018.

Dominican and Puerto Rican dancer and actress Zoe Saldana could kiss Bob Ross and make it look sexy. Watch her kiss Bradley Cooper in this romantic comedy thriller and try not to get chills.

11. “Jane the Virgin”: #Petramos

@Nicole82Nick / Twitter

Rosario Dawson plays Detective Jane Ramos, who is wooed by a complicated Petra, and together, they give us #Petramos. If you’re LGBTQ, you can relate to being hesitant to fall for a straight girl, or being Petra, and finally experiencing what it’s like to be “boy crazy” (but for JR). Their romance made the season just right.

12. “Gigli”

“Gigi.” Digital Image. US Magazine. 9 May 2018.

Russian roulette to any point in the movie, Gigi, and you’re 70 percent likely to get a steamy sex scene. J.Lo and Ben Affleck were already involved in IRL, so it made the scenes even more juicy.

13. “Glee”

“Glee.” Digital Image. AfterEllen. 9 May 2018.

Mitad boricua queen, Naya Rivera, and her best friend, and love of her life, Britney, marry after years of high school confusion, rejection, and the oh so slow process of coming out. Bless.

14. “Rent”

“Angel and Collins.” Digital Image. Fanpop. 9 May 2018.

These two meet after Collins is violently mugged. Trans character, Angel, is played by Dominican Wilson Jermaine Heredia, who won a Tony for his role in the Broadway musical. Angel comes to Collins’ rescue and the two fall in love before Angel succumbs to AIDS. The love stories abound in “Rent.”

15. “Gangs of New York”

“Gangs of New York.” Digital Image. Popsugar. 9 May 2018.

Half Cuban Cameron Diaz becomes Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s love interest, and the two get involved in the 1850’s era New York crime gangs, and some heavy kissing.

16. “Grey’s Anatomy”


We all remember watching Callie Torres, played by Mexican actress Sara Ramírez, come to terms with her sexual identity (bisexual), and fall in love with Arizona. The two raise a baby together, and real life actress had her own sexual awakening as bisexual as a result.

17. “Parks and Rec”


Puerto Rican star Aubrey Plaza plays the role of a sullen, sardonic April Ludgate who falls for Andy while he’s still in love with his ex. When he finally realized his feelings for her, the kiss was everything we’d been waiting for, and classically cute, just like them.

18. “Jumping the Broom”

“Jumping the Broom.” Digital Image. PopSugar. 9 May 2018.

These two meet when Sabrina hits Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) with her car. Romance (and drama) ensues, along with many a fight and make-up and make out session. Watch Afro-Cubano Laz Alonso play with our hearts.

19. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”

The Outstreamers / YouTube

Penelope Cruz straight up walks into a bar in a white dress and starts to seduce her man for one of the most epic and hottest kiss scenes ever. There is gasping for air, and you will be too.

20. “Y Tu Mama Tambien”

Y Tu Mama Tambien / Producciones Anhelo

This was one of the first kissing scenes we ever saw. All these years later, it is still the one we think of when we think of hottest on-screen kisses.

21. “Ugly Betty”

rpendleton888 / Youtube

The 2010 show was taking a risk when it showed Justin, Betty’s nephew, crush on his school play costar and get jealous watching him act out kisses with girls. When the two finally share their first kiss, there was a whole audience cheering, even if it is just a couple of teenagers. My heart is crying.

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