Halle Berry Was On “Despierta America” Dancing To ‘Despacito’ With A Balloon Between Her And A Very Excited Alan Tacher

Academy award-winning actress Halle Berry was on Univision’s “Despierta America” to discuss her new film, “Kidnap.”

But, somehow, she got wrangled into a balloon dance-off set to “Despacito.”

The real winner in this balloon competition? Mexican host Alan Tacher, who was clearly excited to give Berry a big squeeze.

Credit: Despierta America / Univision

It’s not every day you get to dance with (and hug) an A-list star.

During the interview, Berry also shouted out one of her favorite writers, poet Just Mike, who promptly posted the video on his Instagram.


That’s right, Halle, don’t be letting these boys play games with you. No more Eric Benets up in here.

No stranger to the show, Berry was there a few years back making tacos with the whole team.

Credit: Despierta America / Univision

It seems like food is always part of the interview whenever Berry is around.

Credit: Despierta America / Youtube

I think they’re trying to give her the abuela guilt trip, “mija, tu estas bien flaquita, tienes que comer mas, mi niña.”

Here’s the trailer for Berry’s upcoming film “Kidnap,” which wasn’t really discussed in depth, due to all that balloon dancing.

Credit: Relativity Media / Youtube

“Kidnap” is out in theaters August 4th.

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