They Finally Pushed Guillermo To His Limit With This Segment That Made Him Use His First Sick Day Ever

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ YouTube

“I would like a beer right now… 56th floor, come on. Anybody has a beer?”

The Jimmy Kimmel show took a wild ride through Brooklyn last week, with most of the hilarity coming from Guillermo, the security guard-turned-sidekick who is often the real comic relief on the show.

While in Brooklyn, Guillermo and Jimmy played stickball and broke a few windows while playing, which is something nearly every young boy in New York has done. One of the windows they broke belonged to none other than Rosie Perez, who was sweet about it and invited the boys up for snacks. Guillermo also went to a fortune cookie shop where he pitched new fortunes and had everyone take tequila shots.

The craziest thing Guillermo ended up doing? He climbed the 86-story Empire State building. He started things off by letting out a big nasty fart and continued by cursing and swearing all the way up. By the end, he must have been out of gas, because he had to stop to use an oxygen tank. It all led to him making it to the top in hilarious fashion. It also led him to call out sick from work for the first time ever. He really pushed himself and it was a funny ride. Check out the video above to see Guillermo conquer the iconic building, and think twice before you work for Jimmy Kimmel, it looks like a hard gig.

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