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Cypress Hill’s Latest Video “Reefer Man” Is Everything We Love About Cypress Hill


“I don’t care what the feds say.”

Cypress Hill is no stranger to cannabis culture. The group made a name for themselves in the early ’90s, blazing trails and more, with defining tracks like “Hits From The Bong” and “I Wanna Get High.” Over the years, Cypress Hill not only carved out a dedicated fanbase, but they also helped pave the way for wider acceptance of the devil’s lettuce in pop culture and society. Their track “Reefer Man” is a continuation of everything fans love about Cypress Hill, and it is a tease from their upcoming album, “Elephants On Acid.”

“Reefer Man” debuted on the soundtrack for the movie “Grow House.”

The movie “Grow House” was released on 4/20 with a soundtrack that features several cannabis enthusiasts, including Snoop Dogg, Whiz Khalifa, and Devin the Dude. The track “Reefer Man” was featured on the movie’s soundtrack, but the actual video was just released on Cypress Hill’s official VEVO — thanks to MASS APPEAL — a few days ago.

“Reefer Man” reunited Cypress Hill with a very important collaborator.


Hardcore Cypress Hill fans can rejoice. “Reefer Man” sees the core members reuniting, including DJ Muggs, who hasn’t worked with Cypress Hill in more than nine years. As Sen Dog told Mass Appeal, DJ Muggs’ inclusion was crucial to capturing the spirit of Cypress Hill’s sound, saying, “I will say that it’s a very interesting-sounding album. Muggs is still DJ Muggs when it comes down to those wicked sounds and stuff like that. When we first came out, people thought our sound was weird. This is that same kind of record.”

As of today, there is no word on when “Elephants On Acid” drops, no pun intended.


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