Gina Rodriguez Is Starring in Hollywood’s ‘Miss Bala’ And Her Fans Are Screaming

Our very own beloved Gina Rodriguez is gracing the big screens once again next February 2019 as Gloria, a.k.a. “Miss Bala.” We know her best as Jane Villanueva in The CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” but out in the real world she is so much more. Rodriguez is one of the best representation of Latinas we could ask for in this moment.

Now, she’s taking on the action thriller lead role in Hollywood’s remake of “Miss Bala.” The literal only spillage about this movie has been the trailer, which Rodriguez posted to her Twitter. Here’s what we’ve pieced together of the plot.

Miss Bala is not to be messed with.

@MissBala / Twitter

Rodriguez a major advocate for educational scholarships for Latinos, who are falling behind every other ethnic group in achieving college degrees. “I am the educated Latina you’ve been warned about,” she posted to her Instagram. “But you haven’t been warned about us. Because you don’t think we exist.”

You’ve been warned.

Instead of the good-intentioned virgin mom we’ve grown to love on JTV, Rodriguez packs heat in this film.

@awkwardlycray / Twitter

It seems as though the Internet is here for it. The only other times Rodriguez has posted about “Miss Bala” has been to share a photo of Jonathan Adler packages from her agency (caption: “I love my agency.”) Claro.

And this on June 15, 2017: “Began my summer film and feeling really challenged along with outrageously gracious. #missbala”

Jane’s TV Dad came through with some emotional support.

@jaimecamil / Twitter

Anything Jaime Camil has to say is going to make me tear up. I don’t care that his undying love for his daughter is fictional, who couldn’t love Gina like that in real life?

The trailer sets the scene in México.

@MissBala / Twitter

The opening lines in the trailer start out with Gina Rodriguez saying, “After my parents died, I didn’t really think I was going to be able to come back to Tijuana.” The Wikipedia page about the 2019 film says that it was produced in both México and the United States.

There are some breakout Latinx stars getting their shot on the big screen.

@MissBala / Twitter

Cristina Rodlo plays Suzu, Gloria’s soul sister in “Miss Bala.” Rodlo is recognizable in Spanish-Language films, but “Miss Bala” is really her breakout role in Hollywood. We’re excited to see actual Latinas playing Latina roles.

All starts out pretty cheery with Gloria and Suzu.

@MissBala / Twitter

Rodriguez is sitting on a bed, teary eyed, when she tells Suzu, “You’ve always felt like family.” She responds, “Because you are family.” Then comes the montage of them smiling, taking chupitos and dancing at a Tijuana club.

But then a gang infiltrates and shoots out  the club.

@MissBala @RadioRodriguez / Twitter

At this point, we’re all realizing that this is a remake of México’s Spanish Language film of the same name in 2011. The whole 2011 film’s plot is loosely based on a real story. It seems that Hollywood’s version veers away from the original beauty pageant backdrop.

It looks like the gang takes them both hostage, but separates them.

@MOyadiran @MissBala / Twitter

We don’t really know what happens to Suzu, but we know that Gloria is hell bent on finding out. Once the gang finds out she’s an American citizen, they use her to blow up a DEA safe house.

The DEA now has footage of her committing a horrible crime.

@MissBala / Twitter

Now, she has to work with the DEA as an undercover informant to avoid going to prison for the rest of her life. Casual trip to Mexico gone real bad, right?

No te preocupes: there’s a Stockholm love interest situation brewing here.

@MissBala / Twitter

Smoldering Ismael Cruz Córdova, de Puerto Rico, and famous for his breakout role on “Sesame Street”, is now playing Lino, the gang leader and love interest of Gina Rodriguez. I’m melting for all this character development.

Gloria continues to prove her worth on both sides, but TBH, looks like she defects to Lino.

@MissBala / Twitter

I mean, we see cops shooting at them and Gloria turning back to help Lino escape while they drive through a hellfire of burning DEA cars. But what do we know?

One woman tries to tell it to Gloria straight:

@MissBala / Twitter

“Forget your friend. No one is coming to save you.” But Gloria won’t abandon Suzu, who appears to be used for some kind of sex trafficking.

Lino tells Gloria, “You’re going to be my queen.”

@HereisGina / Twitter

Though his fellow gang leader is suspicious of her, saying that everything started to go wrong when she arrived. Psh, everything in my life is going right since Gina Rodriguez arrived, verdad.

What he also tells her?

@mandylub @MissBala / Twitter

“The bala always settles the score.” Gloria takes it to heart and is seen walking away from some dead bodies in a glamorous red dress with an AK-47 as an accessory.

 This might not be a tear jerker, but we’re already crying.

@mayraapedroza / Twitter

Raise your hand if you felt invincible after watching “Wonder Woman,” porque mujeres se puedan hacer todo. Imagine watching a Latina, and not just any Latina, but Gina Rodriguez, the champion of Latinidad facing present day problems. OK, her problems are extreme, pero still.

I tried to give them my money but you can’t buy tickets four months in advance apparently.

@Hersheyy_Cookie / Twitter

Bet that when the movie comes out on February 1, 2019 that I’m going to be there. And then again the next day because we turn out for nuestros hermanos.

Plus, I’m just paying to stare at the beauty of this ship.

@jamilahYo @MissBala / Twitter

Why are they so beautiful and perfect? So much more perfect that Raphael and Michael. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, educate yourself on Netflix, pronto.

Gina could have shared a 3 minute video of her playing with her dog, Casper, and we would have all had the same reaction TBH.

@sandy_4323 / Twitter

Gina is the Latina who is strong and confident enough to clap back at haters calling her not “Latina enough.” In a HuffPost Live interview, Rodriguez explained that her parents raised her to speak English because “they wanted to assimilate us into a culture that wouldn’t, right away, put up their guard against us because of our accent.”

“I’m going to be reprimanded by a culture that I’m supposed to support and is supposed to support me because of the way I was raised?” she posited. “That is too limiting. That is unfair.”  ???? ???? ???? ???????? ???????? ????????

The fact that Gina Rodriguez can be Latina, the star of a production, and not hypersexualized is a victory of its own.

@babyhoneymendes @MissBala / Twitter

And this is exactly the type of movie where that would happen. This isn’t “Real Women Have Curves.”

So block out your calendars. ????

@MissBala / Twitter

You’re booked February 1st on a third wheel date with Gina Rodriguez and Ismael Cruz Córdova. ???????????? Let’s support movies that Hollywood does right. It’s just so rare.

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