They May Have To Take The V-Word Out Of Gina Rodriguez’s Show Now That Jane’s Been Getting Busy This Season

Gina Rodriguez was recently featured in a story by the LA Times. Interviewer Yvonne Villarreal spoke with Rodriguez with her dog “Casper” in attendance. If you follow Rodriguez on social media you will have definitely seen the fluffy white puppy. Rodriguez discusses everything from her crush on the women of Broad City, meeting Brad Pitt and starring as everyone’s favorite childhood anti-hero, Carmen Sandiego in the upcoming Netflix animated series.

In a clip from her recent L.A. Times interview, Gina Rodriguez talked about her favorite show right now: Broad City.

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Not only did she binge all three seasons, she also developed a major crush on the shows stars.

She also mentions a little nugget of information we weren’t expecting: what her first acting gig was.

Credit: sopchoppy217 / Youtube

It turns out, the AOL commercial lives on through the power of the internet. Watch until the end to see teenage Gina Rodriguez, tell you how safe being online is because people are “just like you.” Ah, to be naive again.

She talked about the stress of meeting Brad Pitt with a swollen hand backstage before her interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Credit: Los Angeles Times / Youtube

You’ve got to hear the rest of the story. Keep in mind, her actual boyfriend, Joe LoCicero is in the room while she talks about being blown away by Pitt. Rodriguez and LoCicero must have real love, because Rodriguez was such a fan, she and Pitt took a prom-style picture together. I mean, can you blame her?

Rodriguez also brought her dog Casper along for the interview.

The two are inseparable, but at some point Casper gets tired of being in the limelight and walks off. Woof!

Check out the rest of the L.A. times interview below for an up close and personal look at the Boricua star.

Credit: Los Angeles Times / Youtube

The interview gets a little steamy when Rodriguez talks about her “Jane The Virgin” character getting in touch with her sexuality and coming to terms with feeling “horny,” which Gina says is great for the character.

[H/T] L.A. Times

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