George Lopez Is Returning To HBO With His New Special Titled ‘The Wall’

Credit: HBO / YouTube

That wall never stood a chance against George Lopez.

George Lopez is returning to HBO with another stand-up comedy special, his first since 2012’s “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” According to a teaser on YouTube, “The Wall” will feature Lopez performing live from Washington D.C. and using his comedic platform to poke fun at the current presidential administration and things impacting Latinos. Some of those things include the travel ban, the wall, and what it’s like having a First Lady that “doesn’t speak English.”

The wall is being billed as the most obvious part of his new routine, but he wants to talk about other issues too.

HBO / YouTube

Like, what does organic really mean? What’s the deal with dogs in stroller?. (Finally, someone is going to address this crazy epidemic.)

According to the trailer, Lopez is promising that the show is going to be as cathartic as therapy.

*books a space at a rage room*

And it seems like he had one hell of a time making “The Wall” a reality.


The special is scheduled to air live on August 5.

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