HBO Released The Trailer For Felipe Esparza’s Stand Up Comedy Special Translate This And We’re Already Cracking Up

Credit: HBO/ YouTube

“People always ask me, ‘Felipe, how do you feel about immigration? I don’t know man… I’m already fucking here bro, close the door.'”

After winning “Last Comic Standing” back in 2010 — he’s the only Latino to win the competition 9 seasons — Felipe Esparza has performed on stages around the country and done some small roles on TV. He made a memorable appearance on the “Eric Andre Show” and was most recently played Cody, a quirky maintenance worker, on the show “Superstore.”

This week, HBO announced Esparza’s triumphant return to stand-up on the TV screen, with his own comedy special, “Translate This.” An HBO comedy special is the big leagues. Stand-up comedy superstars like Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and fellow Latino stand-up George Lopez have all had specials on HBO as well. Hopefully, this special helps put Esparza on the map.

“Translate This” airs September 30th.

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