Fifth Harmony Show Off Their Spanish-Language Skills In Their Latest Collab With Pitbull

“Please, vas a tener que esperar.”

Fifth Harmony has kept fans on their toes since the departure of Camila Cabello, who left the group last year to pursue a solo career. With more adult, sensual tracks such as “Angel,” the quartet has shown a clear artistic evolution. Their latest track, a collaboration with Pitbull titled “Por Favor,” finds the quartet showing off their Spanish-language skills.

Lauren Jauergui is the focus of the video, as the camera goes back to the singer while she flirts with Pitbull. “Por Favor” is definitely the kind of flirty, sexy tune you’d expect from Mr. Worldwide. Although Jauregui exchanges a few looks with Pitbull, it’s clear that Fifth Harmony represents the mysterious woman that captures Pitbull’s attention throughout the video. At the end of the video, the woman, dressed in a flowing red gown, produces a samurai sword and stares Pitbull down from across the dinner table. Ooh. The video is captioned as “Part 1,” so there will definitely be more to this story. We’ll just have to wait until “Part 2” to see what happens (hopefully less Asian stereotypes).

This isn’t the first time Fifth Harmony has recorded a song in Spanish. In 2013, they released “Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy” (Don’t Want To Dance Alone) from the EP “Juntos.”

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