From ‘Como La Flor’ To ‘Bootylicious,’ These Fifth Harmony Members Gave Us Major Throwback Vibes With Their Lip Sync Performances

Fifth Harmony members, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordel, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui, recently took on the stage to compete in a Lip Sync Battle, and they went ALL OUT. From their costumes, to their props and their choreographed dance routines, these Fifth Harmony stars got 100 percent into character for their performances and didn’t disappoint. Question is, who do you think had the best performance out of all?

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Ally Brooke took on the stage with a lip sync performance of “Como la Flor” by Selena and “On the Floor” by Jennifer Lopez.


Brooke opened up her performance with one of Selena Quintanilla’s most iconic songs, “Como la Flor.” The song remixed into JLo’s upbeat song, “On the Floor” and it’s kind of genius. Similar to JLo’s live concert performances, Brooke kept the energy high and didn’t skip a single beat. What surprised the Fifth Harmony team the most was Brooke’s bold, booty-shaking moves and how much she actually looked like JLo in that long blonde hair and shimmery dress.

Normani Kordei gave us major throwback vibes with her lip sync performance of “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child.


Kordei made a grand entrance as she came down onto the stage, hanging from the ceiling on a large disco ball. Out of the three members of Destiny’s Child, Kordei dressed up as Beyoncé in her hot pink, two-piece outfit. If there’s one thing she perfected in her lip sync performance, it was the dance moves. Queen B would be proud. ✨

Dinah Jane got into full character as she performed “You’re Welcome,” from Disney’s film “Moana.”


Jane went with something a little more PG-13, as she entered the stage wearing a full on body suit, dressed as Maui from Disney’s movie “Moana.” Every inch from the set design made it seem as if you were watching a live performance of the Disney movie. Seeing Jane with a wig of long, curly hair like Maui’s, made it seem 10x more real.

And Lauren Jauregui’s performance was a tribute to Amy Winehouse, with a lip sync performance of “Rehab.”


Everything from Jauregui’s voluminous black hair, to her thick eyeliner, and drawn on tattoos made her almost identical to late English singer, Amy Winehouse. You can tell by everyone’s reactions how well Jauregui was able to pull of Winehouse’s signature look.

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