FIERCE Gift Guide: Because Parents Are The Most Difficult People To Shop For

We usually know our friends pretty well enough to shop for and the same goes for our primos and siblings. The people who are most difficult to shop for are undoubtedly our parents. To be shamefully honest, sometimes we even skip on giving the hardest working people we know a gift just because we don’t know where to begin. Fear not, we did the homework for you and compiled this list of giftables that will warm the heart of any parent you know. Even better, you can purchase immediately by clicking the red button below. De nada.

Mijo On Board

Do you have a friend who has a little man riding dirty with their stinky diaper in the backseat? Well, get them this car magnet so they can let everyone know their principe is in the backseat and he MUST. NOT. BE. DISTURBED. You know the parent struggle is real and the last thing they want is an irresponsible adult kissing their car’s bumper with their bumper. Keep those cars in check, and be the best amiga by gifting them the gift of peace of mind [in Spanish].

PS there are different variations of this magnet, including Mija On Board, Mijos On Board and Mijas On Board.

Lil Libros The Life Of Selena Book

Your queen has arrived in the form of this cute AF Lil Libros The Life Of Selena book. If you’re a good friend, tía, suegra, or just an amazing Latina in general, you need to get this for a mom who has a child that has not been blessed by Selena’s hip-shaking washing machine. Selena is a reina, and this book is the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the queen, young or old. You will get a million points for this. Trust me.

Que Cozy Candle Set

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. A scientist told me that. And when you take in the delicious aromas found in this candle set you’ll be transported back to the coziest moments of your life: enjoying a cafecito, a tantalizing tamal, or even a heaping helping of arroz con leche. Maybe it’s raining outside and you don’t have to go anywhere so you’re thinking to yourself: “Man, sucks to be you guys. I’m going to stay here under my San Marcos blanket and settle in for some real coziness.” Recreate all of that for the special person in your life, by giving them these candles.

Mami Necklace

Being a mami isn’t all fun and games. Just ask your mami. She had to stay up late nights, she had to make those tough calls, and on top of that she had to listen to you whining about how you wanted “MacDonals” when she had a perfectly good home-cooked meal waiting for you. But just because being a mami is tough, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a soft spot. She will totally melt when you gift her this double-layered gold-plated Mami necklace. Show your a’má some appreciation and give her a sweet necklace so she can tell the world “Yes, I am a mami.”

Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa Shirt

Look at the phrase emblazoned on the front of this shirt. I guarantee your mamá has said this out loud before. Maybe not to you, but to herself, in those quiet hours of the morning when she cleans that little border thing that runs between the floor and the wall. Who even cleans that?! Your mom does, that’s who. And have you ever helped her clean that? No. So the least you can do is get her this shirt for the holidays so she can know that we see her. And we love her.

Preguntale A Tu Mamá Shirt

Latino fathers always have that strong and stern imposing figure. They’re the guy we all look to for leadership. But let’s be real. We all know who is really running the show. Your mamá. She’s 100% the head mom in charge of your family and you know it. Who decides what everybody eats? Mamá. Who wakes you up on Saturday to clean? Máma. And who does your dad tell you to go ask when you beg him for permission to go do something? Tu mamá. It’s time we all started acknowledging this profound Latino truth, and you can start by getting your dad this shirt. As a gift, of course. But also… as a reminder. 

En Esta Cocina Mando Yo

Remember how you never had to roam around because your amá always had comida en la casa? Show that woman love, and get her this fly apron that’ll remind your jefa that the kitchen is her dominion and none shall pass unless she says they are worthy. Please, please, please, do not get your mom another framed photo of you. Gurlll….she already knows what you look like. You do not want your mom to turn into one of those señoras with a museum of your photos. Get her this gift and make her cry beautiful tears de madre.

Amor Eterno Necklace

Nothing lasts forever. Not your favorite novela. Not your friendship with Candelaria because she totally stole your man in 7th grade. Nothing. Well, except for one thing. Amor. That’s right. Love, baby. Because even when your favorite novela ends, the love you had for it goes on. And sure, maybe you don’t speak to Candelaria anymore, but the loving memories you once had will always be there. Love outlasts us all, and that’s really worth commemorating. So get your loved ones this necklace to let them know that they’re always going to be in your heart.

Lil Libros Bilingual Loteria Game

If you don’t cry at the sight of this game you need to drink more water because you might be dehydrated or just a little bit dead inside. This game is everything and it’s the perfect gift to give to a mom this holiday season. This game will educate your friend’s kids and also bring everyone around the table during a get-together. It’s a win-win.

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