The Women Of Fifth Harmony Are Proving That They Aren’t The Innocent Angels They Used To Be

Their new single is driving fans crazy.

Fifth Harmony released their new video for “Angel,” which features a sexier sound and look than you’re used to from the pop quartet. This is the second single released since the Camila Cabello left the group and fans are staying strong with their love and support for the remaining Harmonizers. In “Angel,” Fifth Harmony are surrounded by bright colors and the footage goes from super clean to grainy and hazy, giving the video an ethereal, otherworldly feeling. This is a very different side of Fifth Harmony than we have seen in the past and it seems like people are here for it.

People are having strong emotional reactions to the video.

*sobs at the video’s beauty*

Harmonizers are really losing it rn.

People who sided with Camila Cabello after the split are falling hard for this song.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Camilizer and a Harmonizer. ?

Fifth Harmony even got some of our military men singing along to their song.

Gotta admit, that Snapchat lens is a nice touch to a military man singing Fifth Harmony.

Let us know…

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