Fans Are Confused About Miguel’s New Sound And Not In A Good Way

“I’m Luke Skywalking on the haters.”

A few years ago, Miguel melted the hearts R&B fans with the release of the hit song “Adorn.” The song proved that the Afro-Mexican-American singer was going to be a heartthrob throughout his career and, for the most part, he has been. But, his newest song, “Sky Walker” has left his fans a little confused. Not only has be changed up his look, his sound is noticeably different. Gone are the days of the smooth, psychedelic crooner with a crisp and entrancing voice — at least according to this song. “Sky Walker” seems more aligned with recent singles that utilize a trap beat with spoken word-like vocals that float over the beat. Although some fans are confused, others are totally supporting the change in aesthetic and sound. Give it a listen above.

Some fans are in full support of Miguel’s new approach to his music.

MiguelVEVO / YouTube

You do have to appreciate his ability to switch things up.

Other people were open about focusing on the featured guest.

MiguelVEVO / YouTube


A few think that Miguel has gone a little too far with this one.

MiguelVEVO / YouTube

The fans want what the fans want.


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