Here’s What We Know About The Cast Of Eva Longoria’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Film

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have long had a cultural impact on our community, the food industry, and even the music industry – ever since Bad Bunny teamed up with the brand for the Deja Tu Huella campaña. Although news about the upcoming film Flamin’ Hot isn’t anything new, we’ve known about the project since 2019, filming has officially wrapped and there are loads of new details about the upcoming biopic directed by Eva Longoria.

Filming of the Eva Longoria-directed biopic Flamin’ Hot has wrapped and this is what we know.

Months after people tried to discredit Montañez as the creator of Hot Cheetos, filming of the long-awaited project has wrapped and we’re getting our hands on new details. Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria, who was tapped as the film’s director, gave us all an update in a statement as she lauded the immense Latino talent it took to complete the project:

“I’m so honored to have led this team in telling a beautiful story where people can see themselves in these characters and are inspired by the endless beauty and talent that is so rich in our community. Every day we were on set, I was reminded again and again by our amazing cast and crew that our community is smart, creative and endlessly talented,” Longoria told Variety.

Flamin’ Hot has an ensemble cast that we can’t wait to see on the big screen.

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Garcia pictured far right)

Not only is the movie Eva Longoria’s directorial feature debut, but it also stars several popular Latinx names. Jesse Garcia stars as the inspirational protagonist Richard. You may better know Garcia for his roles in Quinceañera and Avengers.

Annie Gonzalez will play Richard’s wife Judy.

Credit: JC Olivera/Getty Images for National Hispanic Media Coalition

Gonzalez may best be known for her excellent role as Lidia Solis on Gentefied.

The film also stars Emilio Rivera.

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

He may be best known for his role as Richard in the feature film Venom.

The gorgeous Bobby Soto is also starring in the movie.

Credit: James Reese Photography / IMDB

So many have fallen in love with Soto thanks to his bad boy role as David Barron in Narcos: Mexico but he’s also known for his work on The Tax Collector and A Better Life.

Fabian Alomar, known as one of mitú’s Cholos Try series, also landed a part.


Fabian is known as one of the Cholos who went viral for trying kale chips and kombucha in the mitú series Cholos Try.

The film itself has generated plenty of controversy.

As soon as the film was announced, Frito Lays (the company behind our beloved Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) slammed the idea of the film, saying that Montañez’s claims were an “urban legend.”

According to Montañez, who worked as a custodial staff member at a Frito-Lay plant and is credited with creating the Flamin’ Hot version of Cheetos, his creation was inspired by the flavors of his Latino community. In fact, he wrote all about it in his memoir, Flamin’ Hot: The Incredible True Story of One Man’s Rise from Janitor to Top Executive. And although he’s largely credited with revitalizing Frito-Lay and disrupting the food industry, which is the point of this film, Frito-Lay isn’t having any of it.

And even when it was announced, many didn’t quite get the film’s premise.

There has been a bit of confusion in some circles of social media who have questions about the film and what the plot will be about. Some on social media aren’t too sure about the project or don’t realize that it will be a biopic and not about the chips themselves.

“Before you joke about this, make sure you read the article and the synopsis of the film. It’s a biopic on the Latinx janitor turned inventor of Hot Cheetos, not an animated Chester Cheetah movie, and it sounds pretty amazing—and @EvaLongoria  is the right person to tell this tale” Jeff Yang tweeted in regards to criticism the announcement has received. 

Flamin’ Hot has yet to get a release date, but stay tuned for more updates on this project.

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