Eva Longoria Says She “Would Be the First” To Sign Up for ‘Desperate Housewives’ Reboot — But Don’t Get Too Excited

It seems like ever since the award-winning series “Desperate Housewives” came to an end in 2012, we’ve been hearing rumors about a possible reboot. Those rumors got new life in 2020 when part of the cast gathered for an ABC reunion special. But ever since, we haven’t had any clear guidance on what the future of the franchise could look like. Well, now we know that at least two of the show’s stars are very much on board with the idea of rebooting the show and bringing it to an entirely new generation.

Eva Longoria — aka Gabrielle Solis — is eager to get back into her role on the hit comedy-drama.

It was thanks to the ABC series “Desperate Housewives” that the world got to know the vain, self-centered yet lovable Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria. In a recent interview with Stellar Magazine, Longoria revealed she would ‘be the first to sign up’ if a revival of the defunct hit show was in the works. 

“I’m dying to get back into Gabby’s skin. That was like the best time of my life. What a gift that show was to me,” she explained.

Of all the “Desperate Housewives” stars, Longoria has long been the most vocal about wanting to get back into the show. She appeared on the show with the likes of Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Dana Delany and Nicollette Sheridan, and her most recent comments come after she hailed creator Marc Cherry and former castmates.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain last month, she said: “I would love it. Let me tell you, I miss her every day. She’s so great. I miss being in her skin and I would do a reunion in a heartbeat. I love that show, I love Marc Cherry the creator, I love the ladies and so yeah, sign me up!”

It was just last year when much of the cast (minus Felicity Huffman for obvious reasons) got together at a mini-reunion to raise funds amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bot not everyone from the original cast thinks a reboot of the show is a good idea.

Marcia Cross, who played uptight perfectionist Bree Van de Kamp on the show, has thrown cold water on the idea of a reboot on several occasions. Most recently, during an interview with The Daily Beast, Cross explained that the show’s creators had already done all the work they could with the series — basically saying it had no life left.

“We worked non-stop — and what that means is those writers work non-stop. I mean, they mined everything they possibly could. So I think when Marc says that, that’s part of it. Can you imagine writing that many episodes, eight years’ worth?” she explained.

But for Longoria fans — the actress and director has been plenty busy with exciting projects.

Since the show wrapped in 2012, Longoria has not only gotten married and had three kids, but she’s also starred in several other incredible shows like “Grand Hotel” and “Devious Maids,” while having produced “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.” She’s also launched her own production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, and is working on her own upcoming film, “Flamin’ Hot.”

In much of her work, she’s helping bring Latinx representation to the big screen.

For now, “Desperate Housewives” fans will have to stick to watching reruns on Hulu, or binging DVD box sets, and hoping for news of a potential reboot in the future.

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